This is Eleanor

My Family

This summer we went to Hawaii. Hawaii was fun and beautiful! The waters are crystal blue everywhere. This is my family. My mom, Dawn, and my dad, Clay. I have two sisters Rachel and Charlotte. Rachel is 15 and Charlotte is 12.

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My Friends

I moved here last year I was very sad to lose all my best friends from Housten I had a really good friend named Bailey Maloy we had been best friends since we were 2! I was very sad to loose her. I was very scared the first day of school . I didn't know enybody. then some girls played with me at recess. After that I felt happy. Since then I have maid really good friends here.

Disney World

Disney World is my Favorite place iv'e been to. it was really fun riding all the rides with my family. My favorite ride is Splash moutain. One night we went on it when people were watching the fireworks. So we went on it without getting off 7 times! We got soaking wet!

When I grow up

When I grow up I want to be a teacher. I love reading and math and science I would love to teach kids.

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Most Important

The most important things to me are God and my family. God takes care of my family and keeps them safe. I hope to be a great Mom and teach my kids about God. I hope he helps me with that. My family is really important to me because they love me, take care of me, and give me everything I need.