Kindergarten Update

Mrs Marsh Weiss (Room 4)

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Sight word reading

The sight word reading tests started this week. Please check your child's folder for the results slip. If there are no highlighted words, congratulations! Your little one can now read the red words. Your folder should have the orange words for the next test. If some words were highlighted (and even if they were not), do help your child to review the red words. Your child will be tested again on them before they can move to the orange words.
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You are welcome to volunteer any time in the class room! Just be sure to have the TB tests on file in the main office and don't forget to get your yellow badges when you come into the school. If you would prefer to help from home, just let Sally know, and she can send something home with your child.

Important Dates and Reminders

Wed, Sept 23 - No School
Thurs, Oct 1 - Please bring headphones for your child
If you are running late or have a quick message or question, email Sally at <>

About us

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