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First Quarter 2015

Manor Hill Patriots are off to a great start!

The first quarter at the Manor Hill Library Media Center has been a busy one! We celebrated our summer reading with 54 students. I know that we had more summer readers than that but others forgot to bring in their logs to qualify for our celebration. Here's what other things we have been doing in the library this quarter:

Kindergarten - We've started the year with Howdi-Do and getting to know you activities. We also spent time on how to be a responsible library users. The kindergarteners have quickly moved from 1 book check out to 2 books because they are definitely rocking this! We've are working on identifying the difference between fiction and nonfiction books and reading the Building Block books so they will be able to vote for their favorite book by December.

1st Grade has reviewed how they were able to help choose the winner for the Building Block Award in kindergarten. They understand that they are too old to vote for the Building Block Award, but now are old enough to vote for the Show Me Award. We've been busy reading these books and using Pebble Go or other nonfiction works to the Show Me books.

2nd Grade has also been reading the Show Me Award. They are also learning about other parts of the library. We first expanded our area of selection for book choice to Biographies and the "big" Nonfiction section. We've also been learning about how the Dewey Decimal System organizes our Nonfiction section.

3rd Grade has learned about the Great Kids Can Read program. It is a Children's Choice Award like the Show Me Award, but geared to 3rd graders. It was formerly called the KC3 Award. We've read several during our library time and then practiced taking the comprehension tests that would confirm we read the book. (Students need to have a 70% accuracy or better to get credit for reading the book.) We've also been reading aloud Mr. Crumb's Secret to learn about the different resources we can use for research.

4th Grade has been introduced to the Mark Twain Award. We've also beenpracticing note taking. We've focused on coming up with "Green Light" questions for our research, reading and looking for "Treasure" words, and then using these treasure words to write our notes with Caveman language, bullets, and good spelling.

5th Grade was introduced to this year's Mark Twain Award Nominees. We've also have been reviewing citations and note taking.