The Great Buddha

By: Levi Hines


Ever wondered about the great Buddha? I have so I decided to write a paper top 100 land marks in the world!! Ever wanted to visit the great Buddha? Is the distance holding you back? I would let that stop you from seeing 13.35 meter staue

The early beggings of the great Buddha

The early begging soft the great Buddha. The great Buddha was built in 1252. It was built as a statue of amitabha. It wasn't easy to build. the architect dhyani mudra had problems with the original statue. The original statue was made of wood and was destroyed by a storm. So the architect had to come back with something more complex and sturdy. Why did he chose bronze? None knows but it might be because it's what he had the most of and easy to use carve.

The construction of the great Buddha

The construction of the great Buddha was not easy to build . One reason it wasn't easy to build is because it was so complex for its time. Also the architect relied on one person to fund the building and the supplies. Scientists believe it was built in the winter season could have froze easily and been super cold for the architects its a lot different than being in the summer it could have been to cold to carve the statue.

Visiting the great Buddha

visiting the statue. When you visit the statue you will realize how big it is. Then you will see tons of people around the statue trying to admire it. The statue is a big beautiful peace of bronze. The statue is 13.35meters high and weighs 270,000 pounds. That's insane! Millions of people around the world come to see the statue


Thinking about visiting it now!? If not I don't know what else would make you visit the statue. If your thinking about visiting the statue you would have to be prepared to be a crowd and a tour guide. If your still thinking no I don't know what else would convince you.