By Brian jessamy

Compost Song

What does composting do for us?

Composting helps plants so they can grow. It's like steroids for plants or maybe I should say very good nutrients for the plants. Also you recycle the stuff you put in the compost. This is a form of recycling. You recycle items like food scraps, paper, grass shavings, and dead leaves. You do not put meat in your compost. If you put meat in the compost you will get salmonella poising from the fruits or vegetables that you produce.

How to make compost?

All you need to make compost is 2 green and 1 brown. Most of that saying is fruit, vegetables or grass shavings that the green part. The brown part is dead leaves, worms, and beetles and that's all you need for the brown parts. Then get a trash can chicken wire or something where it can sit. When you have all the materials you put 2 big parts of green in then1 big part of brown in the container and mix it all up. Wait about a month or more months so it can break down. After all that is done you have compost for your plants to eat. Remember to not put meat in it.