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So....what's been happening?

WOWZER we have been extremely busy since school started! Not only have we been busy learning new material, we have been busy testing and getting back into the swing of school. It may not seem like a lot, but IT IS!

We have wrapped up our mClass testing which assess students with their reading levels (at the start of 3rd grade they are expected to be at a level M). We look at three aspects: fluency/accuracy, oral comprehension and a written piece. Students are doing great with the fluency and oral comprehension, but are really struggling with the written piece. It is often this part that catches the students and has them moved backwards levels until they can address the written piece fully.

I sent home today a copy of questions you can ask your child after their 20-30 minutes of nightly reading assignment. Pick one or two each night, have your child answer the questions orally and then WRITE their response down. One big part is being able to provide evidence from the text to support their answers. This would be a huge help to your child to have this skill carry over from our school work to homework. If you have lost your child's level, please look to the bottom for a link to all of the leveled questions.

Upcoming topics to finish out the Quarter.....

Reading Comprehension: We will be focusing on text features, Infer/Predict, Cause/Effect

Phonics: three-letter clusters (scr, spr, str, thr), silent letters (kn, wr), diphthongs (ow, ou)

Vocabulary: Synonyms, multiple meaning words, dictionary/glossary

Math: multiplication (study facts each night), division, measurement (conversions, too) of time, volumes, masses, add/sub up to 1,000 using a variety of strategies as well as the basic algorithms.

Science: Recognize heat as a source of energy and how it can be transferred, infer changes in speed or direction resulting from forces acting on an object.

Social Studies: Explain movement of goods/people/ideas and how it impacts a community, summarize elements that define regions, compare various regions according to their characteristics.

What we do all day.....

Useful Information for you and your child

This year in 3rd grade....

I will be using this format to communicate with you on a bi-weekly basis. Through this online flyer, you will find what your child will be learning, important dates to remember and useful links to help you and your child this year. I encourage you to use the links to aid in your understanding, as well as your child's, on the topics that will be covered.

Leveled Reading Comprehension Questions