Looking Through the eyes of T.J.

Getting to know Thomas Jefferson as President

Thomas Jefferson was the third president of the United States. He was President from March 4,1801- March 4, 1809. He did a lot of great things while he was president. During his early years of presidency, he bought Louisiana Territory from France. He was off to a great start. After all, with that purchase he did double the size of the U.S. Then in his later years Jefferson tried not to get the U.S. involved with Great Britain and Frances war. After both of them started to steal some of the U.S. ships though, he set up the Embargo Act. It did have some effects however. The British and French started to seize some of the american ships. They also said that the Americans must check in at British ports before they can make trade with any other nation. However the act was ended in 1809. Jefferson was a great president and is still remembered today. He is on the face of the U.S. Nickel and will always be remembered.

The Embargo Act

The Embargo act was an act passed by Jefferson to stop American ships in trading with foreign countries. It happened because Great Britain and France were at war with each other. Then it got a little out of hand. They started seizing the American ships. The embargo act happened so that there wouldn't be any more attacks. But, it slowed down the economy. They were not getting as much money from trade any more.However this act didn't last forever, and ended in 1809.
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Marbury VS Madison

Marbury VS Madison was the first case to apply the principle of judicial review. In the end result ,they designated Marbury as a justice of the peace. He was also appointed to government post. The government post was made by congress.
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The Louisiana Purchase

The Louisiana Purchase was a deal were America bought over 827,000 square miles of land from France. It cost about 15 million dollars. With that purchase from America we doubled the size of the U.S. The land that was bought was west of the Mississippi River.
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The Louisiana Purchase in a Nutshell

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