Cholera and its effects on people and a population

Cholera is promeitly in africa, and located in small intestene. It is a bactira vibiro, its effects are diary and vometing. Cholera is also spreed though foods that carry fecces of another carrier.

Major effects and cures for Cholera

The Vometing and dierra can lead to deydration which causes lack of water and oxgen. In some cases of cholera the effects of this disease can lead to death. The electryes get scrambled up and cause disrumbition due to the feces th ehuman comsuemes trough food. Good news though is that Cholrea can be curried through oral surgery etc.....

Hoific pctures of this disease

More effects and intersting facts about Cholera

Cholera facts and information

Cholera has killed over 5 million people over its short "life span" of around 150 years. Sadly this disease is easly curable its just that in 3rd world countries its hard to get proper threatment for it. This Disease is cured by a 1 liter of water, 1/2 teaspoon of salt, 6 teaspoons of sugar and toped of with cut slices of bannana. Cholera is greek for Bile and is belived to start in 1817 in india but, sadly it has caused 7 panadmics. All they need to cure it is a lot of volunters