Argenta-Oreana Middle School


Welcome Back 2022!

Welcome back, students! On January 4, teachers reviewed the handbook rules and announced the good behavior trip for February for those students who are eligible.

Review of handbook rules:

  • Bathroom: 1 visit in the morning, 1 visit at lunch, 1 visit in the afternoon

  • Water bottles: must be clear twist-top bottles with water only

  • Chromebook chargers: It is your responsibility to bring your Chromebook charger. You will no longer be going to the library to borrow a charger. There will be chargers in each classroom but there are only 2! You cannot take those out of the classroom!

  • Headphones: You will no longer be able to borrow headphones. You MUST bring your own. If you do not have a pair and cannot get one, speak with your teacher, we will help you!

  • Cell phones: Put your phone in the pocket holders on the wall. If it is not in the pocket and it goes off or I see it… it’s headed to the office and an email will be sent home! You have all been made aware of the school rule and procedure that every time you enter a classroom you are to put your phone away in the pocket. This is your verbal warning.

  • One-way hallways: NO LAPS! This includes the time after lunch. If you are in PE you need to go to the AP room from the cafeteria, do not take a lap around to the AP room and then to your class. Reminder of warnings, lunch detentions, etc.

  • Morning arrival: Go directly to the AP room, sit in THE MIDDLE of a square, and stay there until 8 a.m. Do not wait outside your classroom prior to 8 a.m. This includes walkers and car riders! This means everyone

The next celebration is scheduled for February 14. You can earn the opportunity to attend the school dance at First Christian Church during the school day.

Eligibility Criteria

    • Students must be passing all classes, i.e., the same criteria as extra-curricular activities. Students engaging in a pattern of inappropriate or egregious behavior or who have unexcused absences may be prohibited from attending.

    • Any one of the following may constitute a pattern of inappropriate behavior:

      • 1 Out of School Suspension

      • More than 2 Alternative Studies

      • More than 3 Discipline Referrals

      • Unexcused Absences - (Absent from school without a valid reason or cause)

COVID-19 School Guidance and Procedures (CDC Update does not apply to Illinois schools)

We continue to see positive cases of COVID impacting our students and staff. Please be sure to encourage students to practice good hygiene and appropriate mask-wearing while at school.

Many of you have seen the updated CDC Guidance that decreased the number of quarantine days for the "General Public". These changes do not apply to school students or staff. The Illinois Department of Public Health and the Illinois State Board of Education have both informed schools that we are to continue to follow the IDPH School Guidance.

The Illinois State Board of Education confirmed this in their weekly communication that can be found here.

We continue to monitor COVID-19 related numbers and statistics within our school community and each one of our buildings on a daily basis.

We now have the ability to conduct COVID testing here at the schools. This has been beneficial in circumstances where we are able to participate in the "test to stay" process.

As we deal with COVID-19 and how it impacts our students and educational community, we follow the Illinois Department of Public Health guidance and communicate regularly with the Macon County Health Department.

When it becomes necessary to conduct close contact tracing, the Macon County Health Department will make all determinations regarding quarantines and length of quarantines.

Illinois State Board of Education COVID Resources

Kimler Gymnasium

Kimler Gymnasium

Concrete was poured over the break and roofing materials are on site. The roof should start being applied by the middle of next week.

Thank you to Mr. Tom Altig (AO Technology Coordinator) for setting up cameras to capture the progress of the Kimler Gymnasium project. Cameras can be accessed here.