Saturn - The "Best" Planet

Put A Ring On It

It's Far Away..............

Saturn is the sixth planet from the Sun and the second largest planet in the Solar System, after Jupiter. Named after the Roman god Saturn, its astronomical symbol (♄) represents the god's sickle. Saturn is a gas giant with an average radius about nine times that of Earth.[12][13] While only one-eighth the average density of Earth, with its larger volume Saturn is just over 95 times more massive than Earth

About those famous rings.....

Saturn has a prominent ring system that consists of nine continuous main rings and three discontinuous arcs, composed mostly of ice particles with a smaller amount of rocky debris and dust. Sixty-two[20] known moons orbit the planet; fifty-three are officially named. This does not include the hundreds of "moonlets" within the rings. Titan, Saturn's largest and the Solar System's second largest moon, is larger than the planet Mercury and is the only moon in the Solar System to retain a substantial atmosphere

Some Other Pics Of Saturn

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Orbit Around The Sun

The average distance between Saturn and the Sun is over 1.4 billion kilometres (9 AU). With an average orbital speed of 9.69 km/s,[3] it takes Saturn 10,759 Earth days (or about 29½ years),[64] to finish one revolution around the Sun.[3] The elliptical orbit of Saturn is inclined 2.48° relative to the orbital plane of the Earth.[3] Because of an eccentricity of 0.056, the distance between Saturn and the Sun varies by approximately 155 million kilometres between perihelion and aphelion,[3] which are the nearest and most distant points of the planet along its orbital path, respectively.