Ella Fitzgerald

"The Jazz Legend"

Ella Fitzgerald: Her Life

Birth Date: April 25, 1917

died: June 15, 1996

Siblings: Frances Da Silva-1923

1951: adopted son - Ray Jr.

Marrige: December 10, 1947

When life hands you lemonds: Ella's obstacles and Why she is so special

Why is she special? -

Ella Fitzgerald is special because she worked hard at everything she did and she is very strong. When she was younger, she went through many obstacles. She was mistreated, homeless, and hurt. Still she stayed strong and was determid to "do something with her life" She conqured a lot even through circumstances. When she was in a problem, she would pick herself up and would be determid to make it all right, even if it meamt being turned down or discriminated. She worked hard during her career by pushing on even when it was tough. It paid off every time. She was provided all she needed and became famous!

Ella's obstacles-

One of the biggest obstacles Ella faced was discrimination. During her tours she would often have to give up her seat for someone else. In one incident the whole bands seats were taken and they were thrown off without their luggage! Another problem that was faced was in her early life. When her mother died, her step-dad did not like Ella being out dancing and mistreated her badly. When she was taken to a girls home she was mistreated there too. When she escaped, she was found homeless living off of other people, but that didn't stop her! She picked herself up and tried her best. In the end her courage her resistance to giving up made her a star

Ella's Adjectives

Adjectives that descibe Ella are...

couragous- Ella was couragous because she had enough courage to run away from the girls home when she was younger.\

Impudent- she was impudent because she took chances in her life like auditioning for a show even though she did not look good

Frowsy- in my book it said that Ella was not very attractive but her joy made people like her

Bouncy- in her younger years she liked to dance and sing and would laugh all the time

Benevolent- she is benevolent because she often gave to charity and kids homes. Or she would come speak to children less fortunate.

Important people in Ella's life

The Jazz Legend lives on!