My Generation Is...

By: Travis Perry

Generation Y

One of, if not the most misunderstood of all the generations. Not only due to it's young age, but vast amount of diversity and confusion within itself.

Millennials Viewed By A Millennial

Like a secret society, a generation will only be understood to those within it. From the outside, one can paint a vague picture and determine basic faults and virtues, but only millennials can tell you how bad and how good we are.
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Millennials the first generation to have widespread contact with each other. Rather than having to have phone numbers, a name is all that's needed to find someone's Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Tumblr. On each of these sites, we can express ourselves either through pictures of ourselves, entries about our lives, or things that we are interested in. Negativity is abound on these sites, but the positives largely outweigh those negatives.


Technology moves faster today than all of the previous century combined. Every few months, new software, new phones, computers, cars, every day items that are constantly worked on and updated. At the head of these advancements are young people, from Mark Zuckerberg to David Karp, people born after 1980 rule the world of computer technology.


Millennials are all about acceptance, of those in other social groups and ourselves. We don't need previous generations acceptance. Instead, members of my generation strive for acceptance of all others, young or old, straight or gay, black or white. While not everyone is so accepting, the vast majority is and it has become a trademark of the Millennial generation.