Season's Greetings!

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Dear Brooke, Christy, Ellison, Melissa, Patrick, and Yi,

I just wanted to share this smore to wish you a happy holiday and also to thank you for being wonderful individuals and an awesome team!!

As I reflect on this year, although it started out with some challenges and uncertainty about where we are heading as an organization, I am quite excited about our VIA2020 plan and the HUGE accomplishments with all the programs we ran this year in the U.S. and in Asia!!

Moving into my 12th year at VIA, I truly believe that we are at a pivotal point to make some exciting changes and I cannot be more thrilled to go through this time with you all!

Cheers to another bright year!!

p.s. According to the VIA calendar, I wanted to remind you that we have 1/2 day off tomorrow and full day off on Christmas day as well as 1/2 day off on New Year's Eve and full day off on New Year's Day.