Callie Wynn's Bucket list

#1 - White Water Rafting

I have always wanted wanted to go white water rafting in Colorado. The force that has created this masterpiece was physical weathering of the waves pounding on the rocks and carving this river. Then, the rocks were then carried away by the rushing water, this process is called erosion!!!
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#2- The Canyon Swing.

This extreme thriller is located in InterLaken, the capitol of Europe. It is indeed an 85 meter swing in the heart of the canyon. This canyon was carved by none other than the water that once flowed through it. The water then carried away the rock leaving this amazing canyon!!!
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Interlaken Canyon Swing

#4- Rocky Mountains

I have always been amazed by the Rocky mountains in North America/ Canada! They were shaped over time by water getting trapped in the cracks of the rocks, and then the water would freeze and expand breaking off chunks of rocks. The erosion force was gravity, carrying down the chunks of the rocks! Most people like to climb these mountains and I think it would be fun to try!
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Alpine Climbing -Notch Top Peak - Rocky Mountain National Park

#3- St. Beatus cave in Interlaken.

This cave in InterLaken is an amazing sight to see! I was carved out by chemical and physical weathering! The physical weathering carved out the rocks by water, the water also dissolved the limestone in this cave! The water is also the main force of erosion, carrying the little pieces of rock out through its waterfall.
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St. Beatus-Höhlen (Canon 5D Mark 2 / Glidecam HD 2000)

#5- The Wind River Range Mountains

These mountains are in Wyoming that have peaks as tall as 13,00 feet! They are surrounded by over 156 glaciers that have been moving along the mountains and have been grinding pieces of the mountains off, and then carrying them away!! I would definitely want to go here and look at the amazing scenery!
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Tour of the Northern Wind River Mountain Range Part 1 Wyoming