Mrs. Hughes News

Welcome to the first week of Kindergarten!

What's going on?

This week the students are getting used to rules in the classroom. We have started with our daily morning routines of morning group by reviewing the calendar, months of the year, days of the week, counting the days in school and much more! We have practiced getting in line order, learning friends names, and how to play nicely and place items in the classroom away in the correct place.

Reading time is the best time!

The students are learning how to take care of the books by handling them with care. Even though some of us can't read, we are still looking at the pictures to understand the story, looking for letters we can sound out, and words we may know.

Specials Classes

This week we started on Thursday going to the different classes. We had Art and Technology on Thursday and Spanish on Friday!
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First Day of Kindergarten

Here are your kiddos on their first day of Kindergarten!
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