By; Jazmin Martin

A little bit about me.....

Hi my name is Jazmin. Im 14 years old and I love my life. My best friends are Allison Arvin, Kale Snider, and my boyfriend Trevin Jones. I also love animals, I have a cat and a ferret and they are like my babies.

Finding Nemo/ Finding Dory

FInding Nemo has been my favorite movie since I was a kid. I could watch it a million times and not get tired of it. Finally they came out with Finding Dory and I love it just as much, they are both amazing movies.

Taco Bell

My favorite restaurant is Taco Bell in Logansport. They have amazing service and almost never mess anything up and their food is delicious. Also their workers are always very friendly. Taco Bell is like a heaven for me.

My favorite teacher..

My favorite teacher is probably Mr.Coyner. He's my art teacher, he's such a cool guy and he always makes my day because he's funny. He is super nice and full of ideas. If I mess something up he always comes up with a way to fix it and make it look better.

If I won $10,000....

If I won $10,000 I would give all of the money to my parents, they deserve it. My family has been through some stuff, and after everything that has happened they are the people I would spend it on for everything that they do for me and so they could make their lives a little better.

If I could change the world..

If I could change the world the first thing I would change is the racism. Racism is so horrible because every human is built the same way and no one has any reason to treat someone a different color any worse than they would to someone who is the same color. Another thing that I would change is war, no one should have to risk their lives just because the world is so messed up that everyone still thinks that war is the only answer. There are many things in the world that I would change that I'm not going to put it all on here. But one other thing I would change is poverty. I would make an effort to make sure everyone has enough to eat and clean water to drink or bathe in.

If someone was getting bullied I would tell them..

If someone was getting bullied I would try to help cheer them up and tell them that no one else's opinion matters but your own. As long as you don't let the people get to you then everything will be okay because they know absolutely nothing about you.

Ferrets <3

Ferrets are amazing pets. They require a lot of attention but every moment is worth it. They can do little dances when they are excited and want to play, but sometimes they like to bite your toes. My ferret lightens my day by showing me all the amazing things she can do, she is so smart. Sometimes if I'm lucky, she will even give cuddles.
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