Boosterthon Fun Run 2016

Important Things to Know for this Year's Run!

The Boosterthon Fun Run is Almost Here!

Each spring, Paine Primary students gear up to participate in the Boosterthon Fun Run. This exciting event encourages students to be active while raising funds to help our school. Not only do students learn the value of physical activity through the run, they also learn important character traits for life. Each year Boosterthon promotes positive character traits that demonstrate the importance of living your best life and being the best person you can be. This year's traits are teamwork, curiosity, practice, humility, confidence, and endurance. Be sure to ask your child about these!

Be sure to dress your little husky runner in the class field trip shirt!

Boosterthon Fun Run

When: Wednesday, March 23rd, 8:30-2:30

Where: Paine Primary Field

Run Schedule

8:30-9:30- Bruno, Johnson, Posey, Enoch, Marshall, Rish, Shumate, Finkley

9:30-10:30- Gray, Essig, Odom, Gamble, Dykes, Wolfe, Swann, Weyerman

10:30-11:30- Orange Hall

11:30-12:30- Yellow Hall

12:30-1:30-Blue Hall, Evans, Durham

1:30-2:30-Purple Hall

What You Need to Know

Shuttle buses will run from Faith Community Church parking lot beginning at

8:00 AM and ending at 2:30 PM on the day of the run. The church is located just north of the school on the left. Please plan to take advantage of this curb to curb, air conditioned transportation! Our PE coaches will be driving two shuttles throughout the day. Just park in the Faith Community Church parking lot and then board the bus for the quick trip over to the field. You will catch the shuttle back to the church in front of modular one after your child’s run is done. (Please note the parking map below to ensure you park in the correct designated locations.)

The ring road will be closed to all parking to ensure the safety of our runners as they cross back and forth for the event. Parking on campus will be limited to the marked spaces in front of the buildings. Please do not park along the yellow curbing in the curves of our parking lot as this prevents our shuttle buses and emergency rescue vehicles from navigating the campus! No parking will be available at Amerex. Please be aware you could be ticketed for illegally parking during the event.

Lunch schedules will be altered for some classes and others will be getting “lunches to go” so that they can eat in the classroom or on the grounds, therefore we are not accepting lunch reservations on Fun Run day.

Information for Parking at Faith Community Church

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