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Oct 25, 2019

Curriculum Corner

Report Cards

Quarter 2

Report cards will be issued Monday Oct 28, 2019

Study Island & i-Ready

As our school year is progressing quickly, it is important for students to reinforce learned skills through our interactive platforms; Study Island & i-Ready. We also encourage our students to spend time reading leisurely because our improved reading comprehension and vocabulary translate to the classroom.

Accelerated Reading Goals (AR)

We encourage our students to continue completing their AR goals in order to reach 25%. Please reach out to your student's teacher for more information or to help find creative ways to help from home.

School Advisory Council Meeting

Our School Advisory Council helps to make important decisions for our school's improvement and increased student achievement. SAC will be hosting their meeting on Wednesday Nov 6th, @6 PM.

Please contact Dominique Flores Wong for more information at


Temporary Campus Contact Information

Pleasant Hill Campus (Grades K-3) 3530 Pleasant Hill Rd, Kissimmee, FL 34746


St Cloud Campus (Grades 4-6) 1925 Nora Tyson Rd, St Cloud, FL 34771


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Red Ribbon Week Next Week

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Updates from the classroom

Notes from our teachers

Ms. Viguet's 2nd grade class made scientific observations. We used our five senses to learn about pumpkins and record our observations. Students wrote what they saw and wrote that the pumpkin sounded hollow when we hit it. Students also got to record what they felt and smelled when they got some of the pumpkin innards. Students were apprehensive to taste pumpkin bread but most ended up eating seconds and loving it!

In Ms Seeber's Science and Math class we were getting spooky with coordinate plane ghosts! We are currently working on a STEM project where they have to come up with ways to have houses survive in different climates and weather!

Mrs. Strain's 6th grade math started dividing fractions this week by using models to represent real-world scenarios. Pre-algebra began working on recognizing functions from graphs, tables, and equations.

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Sharks sports!

We are so proud of our lady sharks! They did a fantastic job at their championship game and won the OCCSAA championship for our 2019 Fall Season.

Thank you to our dedicated coaches and supportive community!

Mr. Mcclellan's Science Spotlight

Check this out!

“This week in our Science Spotlight we want to show you some of the things we have been learning in “energy”. The three students are showing some of the many forms of energy in our retro photo. Most children can name 7 or 8 forms of energy AND they can give examples of how energy can be transferred from electricity to other forms of energy like sound, light or heat. Some of the forms of energy they should be able to tell you about in the fifth grade are light, sound, heat, electrical, chemical, nuclear, water, wind, magnetic, solar and magnetism. There are more like tidal energy and gravitational energy; some can name more – but we’ll stop there. We discussed and gave examples of potential energy; like a blown up balloon being held from any movement; just STORED energy. They should also be able to tell you that energy in motion is kinetic energy; like when you let the balloon go! Watch out!! Kids in Mrs. Seeber’s class and Mrs. Gibney’s class should be able to tell about a new student named “Mr. T”. (He’s a T-Rex puppet that asks silly questions and has a hard time pronouncing some words.) However, he’s entertaining AND educational at the same time. Lot’s more fun stirred into the journey of learning!”

Teacher appreciation area

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We love our teachers and staff.

Featured today: Ms.Seeber, Ms. Abreu, Ms. Furbee, Mrs. Rodriguez, Mrs, Bailey, Mr. Mcdaniels, and Mr. Fewox.