Kaylee Chambers

Introduction / Lead

In this story you will learn about Venezuela. You will learn what they eat in Venezuela, what are their beliefs, and you will also learn about their holidays.I hope you learn a lot!

What they eat

In this section you will learn what they eat. Some foods in Venezuela is Arepa, Hallaca and Torsade Platano, which is a cake made with plantains.Some delicious food in Venezuela including rice,black beans, .Another thing is a banana covered in stewed and shredded beef.

What are their beliefs

In this paragraph you will learn about their beliefs. The Venezuelans are Roman Catholics well at least most of them.Some other religion is Mormons, Jews and Evangelists.They are also Adventist in Venezuela.


Now you will learn about some holidays. Some holidays in Venezuela are Epiphany,youth day.Some more holidays are federation day and children's day.Epiphany is a feast honoring the visit of the the Magi to Jesus and it is also known as sports day.Children's day is a day that celebrates children.

Some More Foods

Next you will learn more about foods. In Venezuela they eat fried cheese sticks.Another food is Freik green plantain.Some more food is Avocado Salsa and Guasacaca.Typical breakfast in Venezuela is small pastries and toast.


In this article you learned about Venezuela. You learned what they eat.You also learned what are their belifs.And some cool holidays.You aslo learned cool facts.I hope you learned somthing new!

Fun fact 1

Did you know Venezuela is the 6th biggest country in South America?.

Fun Fact 2

.Did you know Venezuela has the biggest waterfall in the Angel Falls?

Fun Fact 3

.Did you know people call Venezuela Bolivar Fuerte?

Vocabulary Word #1

Plantain: Plantain is a plant that has rosette of leaves and a slinger green flower spike,wildly also a weed in lawns.

Vocabulary Word #2

  • Pastries: A pastry is a special type of food made of dough,flour and shortening water.