Riusuke Fukahori

Courtney Arnold

About the Artist

Riusuke Fukahori was born in Japan in 1973, and graduated from Aichi Art University Department of Design in 1995. Fukahori's career did not pick up until 2000, when he suddenly became interested in his pet goldfish, which was alive despite being completely ignored for seven years. He referred to this incident as "Goldfish Salvation".
Fukahori's works are created by meticulously painting layer upon layer of stacked resin, a clear substance that hardens to look like glass. The hyper-realistic results are almost a combination of painting and sculpture. Each piece is placed in a wooden box, crate, or some other container that makes the fish look as though they are actually real. In order to make his artwork, Fukahori must work in 71.6 degree temperaturesso that the resin does not crack, and only begins to work after feeling inspired by living fish.

Artist Statement

"I think of goldfish as a living sculpture with man-made modifications. It never reaches the completed form; the goldfish’s vulnerability and imperfections bring out our motherly instinct. I've been bewitched with the strong energy of life of goldfish that has inherited mutations for more than 1500 years, continuously changing forms by man's hands. I've been depicting an uncountable numbers of goldfish in my work, but the mysterious pull towards goldfish will never die for me. The impulse of exploration, "What are goldfish" drives me to create more. Where and how they want to swim, and what they think; these are the questions that I've been asking myself when I paint goldfish. I believe this process will help breathe life into the goldfish in my works."

Discussion Questions

1.How do Fukahori's pieces differ from each other

2. How can you portray movement in your artwork?

3. What do you look towards for inspiration when creating art?