ECPS Monthly Update

May 2016

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Teacher Appreciation Day and Week

I am hoping that you know how much you are appreciated, not just in these upcoming days, but throughout the year. I am glad I have this opportunity to share and brag about our staff members that are patient, creative, organized, and have the super hero ability to accept and understand the differences in each child. Your ability to motivate, identify, appreciate, and celebrate small victories are what makes our ECPS staff different from the rest. Very few things are more rewarding than knowing you have made an impact on the lives of children who may be struggling to reach their full potential.

Not all super heroes wear a cape, some have a special education degrees or work in a special education field.

Thank you Staff!

Parent Workshop - Take Two!

Staff received positive feedback from the last Parent Workshop on communication. A second Parent Workshop is being offered May 11 on Occupational Therapies at home. Please encourage your parents to attend one of the sessions.
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Look at our student learning at ECPS!

Our brightly colored hallways provide evidence of the our students' hard work and accomplishments. Check it out!

Curricular Themes

April: Yellow, Shape Review, Animals

May: Blue, Shape Review, Things Around the House

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VSA Festival - May 12

This year the VSA Festival at ECPS will have the theme, "Have the heART of a hero". Our VSA committee has spent many hours to schedule artists and activities for our students. One of our very own students from room 23, Da'Vin, has drawn the logo that will be utilized (pictured above).

Please take a moment to appreciate and thank a VSA committee member.

Important Dates

May 2 - Birth to Three Meeting

May 2 - MOCI Department Meeting

May 3 - National Teacher Appreciation Day

May 4 - ASD Department Meeting

May 5 - Early On presenting for GCARD at Mott Children's Hospital

May 6 - School Nurse's Day and Staff Meeting

May 8 - Mother's Day

May 9 - Birth to Three Meeting

May 10 - Board Meeting

May 11 - Parent Workshop

May 12 - Promoting Positive School Climate, VSA Festival and Pumpkin Patch Spring

Open House

May 13 - Curriculum and School Improvement Committee Meeting

May 16 - Birth to Three Meeting

May 17 - New Teacher Meeting

May 17 - Farm Day

May 18 - Service Coordinator Meeting

May 20 - Special Olympics - Room 16, 17 adn PBIS Committee Meeting

May 23 - Birth to Three Meeting

May 23 - Lego Land - Room 15,18, 19, 23

May 24 - Board Meeting and MI-Access testing ends

May 26 - HI & VI Haas Elementary Department Meeting and Beyond Finger Foods - VI

Program Birch Run Bob Evans

May 27 - Roller Haven - Rooms 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 23

May 30 - Memorial Day - No School