Forest Brothers

By Aidan McBride

How they Lived

The forest brothers lived deep in forestation and came out rarely. It was a group of rebels from Estonia and other places around the world. 50,000 residents of countries used heavily forested areas like this. They hunted for food and stocked up on it when the started to reside there.

Origin of the term "Forest Brothers"

The term started in the Baltic states during the Russian Revolution of 1905. Peasants and Schoolteachers were the people who really started the term.

The Last Forest Brother

The last known living forest brother is Jānis Pīnups. He came out from hiding in 1905 and later died in 2007 from natural causes. He was 82 years old.


February 16, 1949 is the day that Estonia and many other countries gained their independence. Even very long after that date, many forest brothers still hid until either they were found and taken back home or they died. During the Russian Revolution, over 20 million people were killed and even more were injured.
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