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Week of September 16-20, 2013

Student of the Week!

I am excited to announce the new Star Student of the Week - Raina Harwood! Raina works hard every class to make sure she is following the Wren Way. She is an excellent friend and always a positive influence. We are so excited to learn more about Raina this week as she brings in her "All About Me" poster!

Dig Into Reading with Wren!

We will be celebrating reading in many ways this week! Each day, we will have a special event to help us celebrate the gift of reading.
  • Monday: 'Dig into Reading at WES' - Our special guest author, illustrator, and singer, Chris Rumble, will be here. If you have the order form to purchase a book and/or CD, please send them to me Monday morning.
  • Tuesday: 'Be Booksmart' - Students will get to eat Smarties during independent reading time.
  • Wednesday: 'Growing Gardens of Readers' - Weather permitting, our class will take a trip outside to the library to read a book.
  • Thursday: Johnny Appleseed will be visiting our classroom!
  • Friday: Book Swap - Students will be able to select a book to take home to read from grade level book swaps. Our goal is for each student to go home with one new book for the weekend.

Notes From Ms. Goss ...

  • Birthday Plans: Mrs. Wilson's birthday is this week. I have bought some generic birthday cards and am buying items to make her a birthday basket. Early this week, I will send home the cards. I would love for you, along with your students, to write Mrs. Wilson a birthday note to send her some encouragement during this stressful time. I will be purchasing items for the basket since this is so last minute. I plan to have her daughter Harlie take it down to her in Charleston this weekend. Look for more details very early in the week!
  • Class Dojo: You will probably see an increase in the number of Class Dojo points given and taken this week. As our students are becoming more comfortable with the class and first grade, the rules remain in tact. Students will be given more independence with centers, especially, this week. Expectations have been clearly established with the class, and students will be expected to follow these behaviors. As always, I will contact you directly if there is a serious behavior issue in the classroom. The point of Class Dojo is to make students conscious of their behaviors, positive and negative, and to remind them of expectations.


Guided Reading

Our new story this week will be Lucia's Neighborhood. Our main focus during this story will include:

  • text and graphic features
  • alphabetical order
  • What is a question?
  • adjectives

Reader's Workshop

  • We have now introduced procedures for many centers, and will begin daily rotations this week. The students have been anxiously awaiting this time!
  • We will also begin working on decoding strategies. These strategies are going to give students outlets to go to when reading to help figure out tricky words.

Word Study

  • This week we will be working with short e words.We will also be reviewing previous short vowel sounds.

Sight Words

  • The students have done very well so far with sight words. We will work on reading them in sentences, as well as alone through SmartBoard games!


We are going strong learning about the writing process! We are working on creating a brochure for our hometowns. We will spend this week finalizing the Travel Brochure. We will also be doing a Johnny Appleseed writing to go in the hallway!


Its time for the first test!

We will be wrapping up our first chapter in math this week. This means the first test will be very soon. I am scheduling this for Wednesday, September 18. I am confident that the students are ready, but I have planned a review day to address any questions. There will also be a vocabulary portion to the test, which will be new to the students. The homework sheets on Tuesday night will be the best representation of the material that students need to know for the test.

Your child should be able to:

  • count how many objects 'in all' using pictures
  • see a picture and pick out the addition number sentence that matches
  • solve simple addition problems vertically and horizontally
  • find the sum (the answer to an addition sentence, total)
  • add the parts in a part-part-whole chart

If you feel that your child needs additional practice at home, I will be happy to send enrichment sheets home.

We will spend the rest of the week focusing on counting up to 120 once again. I will be giving assessments to see that students are able to write numbers 1-120, find one more and one less, and find ten more and ten less. HOMEWORK ON THURSDAY NIGHT WILL BE A WORKSHEET TO PRACTICE THESE CONCEPTS, NOT A SHEET FROM THE BOOK.


This week we will begin our first science unit - scientific inquiry! Topics we will cover this week include:

  • understanding what a scientist is
  • learning how scientists compare, classify, and sequence things
  • understanding that objects can be compared by using the five sense

To introduce this lesson, the students will be able to take part in many hands-on activities. This will be a a fun and meaningful learning experience!



Math Practice Page

Speller's Choice Homework

Graphic Organizer on Sequence of Events (Due by Friday)

  • To complete this assignment, your student may use one of the three books they selected from the Reading Room on Friday. These can be found in a Ziplock bag in the blue reading folder.

Reading Log


Math Practice Pages (TEST TOMORROW!)

Speller's Choice Homework

Study Spelling and Sight Words

Graphic Organizer on Sequence of Events (Due by Friday)

Reading Log


No Written Homework

Study Spelling and Sight Words

Reading Log


Math Practice Worksheet - NOT from textbook

Speller's Choice Homework

Study Spelling and Sight Words

Graphic Organizer on Sequence of Events (Due Tomorrow!)

Reading Log


Have a great weekend!

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This Week's Spelling Words











Calendar of Events

Math Test

Wednesday, Sep. 18th, 11:30am


Study hard! :)
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