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Using iMovie to Summarize and Showcase Learning

Lisa Johnson @TechChef4u

Curated and Compiled by Lisa Johnson.

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We all love iMovie Trailers

They are exciting, engaging, and educational... Yes, you can use iMovie trailers with your students and your staff!

Below are some examples of student and staff-created trailers in a variety of content areas and grade levels. At the bottom is a link to a site that PDF templates for each iMovie trailer theme which will support your students in storyboarding their content.

History iMovie Trailers

Abolitionist Project
iMovie in the Classroom

Science iMovie Trailers

Healthy Kids Campaign
The Food Chain
Jupiter Presentation
Soil "Movie Trailer"

Art iMovie Trailers

123D sculpt drama trailer
iPad Art Room: App-straction iMovie

Language Arts Movie Trailer

Rise of the Olymphians
iMovie Trailer on iPad
The Three Little Dwarves

More Examples (pictured and linked below)

iMovie Trailers for your Staff and School

12 examples of how teachers, schools, and departments can create trailers to showcase their offerings.

"Teach Like a Pirate Day" info

Teach Like A PIRATE Day at Utica Jr. High 5/22
HCMS Site Visits 2012

iMovie Trailers Storyboard Templates

Timothy Jefferson has created a suite of templates to assist students in planning and storyboarding their trailer based on the template they choose.

6 Templates included!