Girls and boys in separate classes

should girls and boys be in different classrooms?

Should boys and girls be in separate classes

Boys and girls shouldn't be in separate classes because it's not healthy. Boys and girls should have to learn to put up with each others differences, it will help them cooperate in the future.

boys and girls shouldn't be separated by their gender

It is true that boys and girls work differently but they shouldn't be separated. It's proven that kids have a higher chance of success in single-sex classrooms and that's great but how about when someone doesn't want gender based class, the boys and girls will be in the same class and they won't like it because they are so used to working with the same gender. We can prevent that if we keep them in the same class, they can learn to work out their differences and find better learning styles.

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They won't know how to work together in the future

When boys and girls are in single-sex classrooms they are only working and learning with one of their own. They will be able to focus better and learn without getting distracted, but what happens when it's time to get a job and the boys and girls have to work together. They are so used to working with the same gender all the time, they will find it difficult to work with each other when the time comes.

"Girl things" and "boy things"

If boys and girls aren't taught that they are both equal, they will become sexist. I'm guessing that if you're in an all-boys class your electives are something like robotics, football, basketball, and P.E. And if you're in an all-girls class your electives are something like

Please leave things the way that they are

It's already good and we don't need any more improvements