Theodore Roosevelt

Super hero name: The Rupturer

Slogan: All deceptions will be ruptured!

Progressive Reforms: Trusts, railroads, drugs, food hygiene etc.

Ida Tarbell

Sidekick name: Oil Buster

Description: Oil Buster exposes the manipulation of trusts of companies. She specializes in exposing the Standard Oil Company. She wrote The History of A Standard Oil Company and revealed all the evils the company had committed.


Name: The Trust King

Description: The Rupturer and the Oil Buster work together to destroy the Trust King because of the evils it committed. His actions affect the society and have a negative impact on the business of the Progress Polis.

5 evil things:

  1. Set unreasonably high prices on goods and railroad
  2. Unfair competition
  3. Eliminated small independent businesses
  4. Corrupted public officials
  5. Increased monopoly

Super Tools

The tools that the Rupturer used to defeat the The Trust King were laws, law suits, and the support of Federal Trade Commission and the US Department of Justice.

Some tools:

  • Sherman Act
  • Clayton Act
  • Federal Trade Commission Act
  • Filed 40+ anti-trust suits