Tackle Football

football is awesome By:Gary Defoy


Did you know that more than 600 players get injured a year in tackle football? This informational article is about tackle football, and you will learn a bunch of interesting facts all about the sport.


Ever wonder what you wear to football practice?You do a lot of stuff to get ready for the game like practicing running and catching and getting through the linebackers.You also do running up and down the field twelve times.People say thats wrong because they say they can get over heated especially when it is 90 degrees out.There are lots of things you have to do to play in the game like making you plays which takes a long time about 3 days and you have to clean your jerseys and pads which takes 1 day and 4 hours which is a pretty long tine.You do a lot of activates during practice.You do push ups to build your muscles so if your a linebacker.You also do sit up to get your legs strong especially i your a widereciver or a running back because you need to be able to out run the other guys.After every activities you get to get a drink because the activities go on for 2 minutes.Do you ever wonder about how many people are screaming and yelling at a game?You mite hear at least 5000 people yelling and screaming.Some people say some people leave because of the noise.Some people say when the leave they have a hard time because they have all the screaming and yelling going through their head.(That makes them so paranoid)?

Fun Facts

The first tackle football super bowl was on january 5 1967.

more then 60 thousand people come to tackle football games.

but 40 thousand seats were still empty.

First teams to ever to play in the Super Bowl

The Colts were the first team to play in the Super Bowl.