END OF WEEK #1 UPDATE: September 11, 2020

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A big thank you to you from Principal Clevenger

As we wrap up the first week of school I want to thank you for your support and hard work. The RBV staff gave our all as we begin the 2021 school year. Over 97% of all RBV students were able to log in and attend class virtually in the first 2 days. If you think about it, that is a lot of moving parts that have to align. Great job Longhorns.

Thousands of students arrived on time virtually, turned their cameras on, and participated. Over 100 RBV teachers started building relationships to start the year in a way that we have never done at the Ranch, not face to face. While this presents challenges, I witnessed first hand the commitment from RBV teachers to build this foundation. It is not an ideal way to begin a school year. It is not easy. It is however, worth it.

The RBV Counselors have worked tirelessly to find a way to get students in the classes they want and need while working with 2 master schedules. The reality of having both a Classic and Virtual schedule does mean that not all students can access all the classes they requested. We continue to work hard to solve complicated situations. One of the most effective solutions we have found is providing students in the classic learning model access to classes offered in the virtual model. In this case a student classic student would be provided a place at school to take the virtual class. Required technology and supervision by a credentialed teacher are provided. I appreciate the patience and understanding of our students and parents.

The first week has not been without challenges. This is not what any of us envisioned for the start of the school year. Our Seniors want and deserve their memories. Our athletes want and deserve to compete. Our artist want and deserve to create. Our freshman want and deserve to feel the excitement of their first pep rally. My response, we are in this together and we will do everything we can to safely make this a reality.

The first day of school brought technology challenges that ranged from trouble logging in to interruptions through zoom. These disruptions are not acceptable. We have resolved and fixed the problems we have encountered. We have also held those who made poor decisions accountable. I am also certain that there will be more unexpected challenges. RBV is up to navigating and solving these as they arise.

Thank you again. We will continue to improve and learn each day.

Finally, thank you to RBV teacher Mr. Panter and RBV Graphic Design for the September 11th images found in today's Roundup. To our first responders, we appreciate you and all you do.

Keep Calm and Hook 'Em

Principal Clevenger

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Now it's your turn to say thank you!

Please take the time to recognize someone who has made this week positive for you. Let me know of the RBV teacher or staff member has impacted you.

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RBV Crash Course

It is critical that every RBV students knows how to navigate Zoom, CANVAS and succeed learning online. RBV developed a plan to grow together. Students have been learning short important lessons each day. Each lesson has been developed into short videos. All students, 9th-12th grade are watching these during class on the assigned dates.

Parents, I invite you to use this to increase your understanding. It can also be a resource if there are questions.

Click Here to access the RBV Crash Course

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How can you help?

I have received this question over and over this week. Here is what you can do to help today.

  1. Join PTSA. This supports students. This supports teachers. Hands down, the best way to support us as we being this unprecedented year. I am asking each parent to join. Click here to join RBV PTSA.
  2. We do have a demand for school supplies. If you would like to donate the following items, we will put them in hands of students who need and will benefit from your kindness. The items must be new. Please contact the office and schedule a time to drop off any donations @ 7607277284
  • Pens
  • Pencils
  • Composition Books
  • Dry Erase (Expo) Markers
  • Backpacks