Future Global Leaders Program

A Cultural Exchange with Japanese High School Students

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Meaningful Interactions (And Free Meals!)

During a one week program, Harvard students will participate in one or more of the following: lunches or dinner invitations with the FGLP groups; join a tour experience of the Harvard campus; cultural tours of Boston (Fenway, MFA etc); and/or participate in a student panel to discuss college life and interactive activities.

No knowledge of Japan or Japanese is required and we welcome participants from any culture whether you were born in the US or just came here this year. You can participate for as little as 1 hour and no preparation work is required. All we ask is that you confirm your participation with us ahead of time for space planning purposes as events have limited space.

Date of Events

Monday, Mar 25, 3pm - If anyone is interested we are looking for a student to conduct a tour of Harvard (with compensation) at 3pm for an hour. You are also welcome to join us for lunch that day at the Harvard Business School at 12:30pm.

Tuesday, Mar 26, 4:30pm - Life at Harvard student panel. Where you will discuss your experiences applying to university and your experiences so far. We also invite you to join us for dinner at a local restaurant after the panel discussion.

Thursday, March 28, 4pm - Another student interaction session also followed by dinner at a local restaurant on us.

Saturday, March 30, 5:30pm - We would like you to join us for a farewell dinner for the students at the Holiday Inn, Brookline where we will provide transportation back to Harvard after the proceedings. That day, we also invite you to go with us on a tour of Fenway Park at 10am.

If you are interested...

Contact Zoe Edwards - zoe.edwards@adzgroup.net

**Please remember that the visiting students are excited to meet and interact with you so your appearance at the registered event is very important. If for some reason you are unable to attend at the last moment, please contact Zoe immediately to let her know.