Water Crisis in Hiati

By: Megan Flockhart, Connor Woodard, and Daniel Auen


  • The population in Haiti is 10,461,409 people.
  • 78% of those people live on less than $2 a day.
  • 50% of Haitians die because of contaminated water.


Why do Haitians not have access to clean water? What do they do if they are desperate for water? What are there rivers and other bodies of water like?


Haitians do not have access to clean water because there was a massive earthquake in 2010 causing all of the wells to break. The people have become desperate and resorted to getting water out of garbage filled rivers and other bodies of water. All of the rivers and other bodies of water have become contaminated making people sick from drinking out of them.

Possible Solutions

If more people donate to charities like The Water Project, more wells could be created and repaired. Also, if the Haitians cleaned up the rivers, ponds, and other water ways then they would have clean water, they could use filters or they could use plants and organisms that will clean the water.