Passing of Obama Care

Jonese Graham

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA)

Obama Care also known as PPACA, was signed into law on March 23rd, 2010 by President Barack Obama. Democrats and Republicans have been working to create laws that reform the American health care system for decades. Almost every President over the last century has proposed healthcare reform unsuccessfully. The Affordable Care Act, modeled after health care reform in Massachusetts, was the first successful major national reform to healthcare since Medicare in 1965.
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Basics of Obama Care Bill

1. There can be no discrimination based on gender.

2. Insurance companies cannot take away coverage from sick people.

3. Insurance companies must be able to justify any increase in the cost of coverage.

4. All Americans will have an option to purchase or be provided with healthcare based off their income and employment.

5. Americans cannot be denied coverage based off of pre-existing conditions.

6. No co-pays for things like domestic violence screening, birth control, or other key medical expenses.

7. There will be no annual limits, nor will there be lifetime limits on the amount of care a patient needs.

8. Small businesses may receive tax credits for providing their workers with insurance.

Media Portrayals

1.Obama Care, the president said, is "doing what it's designed to do -- deliver more choices, better benefits, a check on rising costs." This would be first person because its personally coming from the guy who created the bill. This was a CBS interview with the president.

2.The system desperately needs healthy young people, millions of whom don’t have health insurance, to sign up because their money is needed to subsidize treatment for older, sicker Americans. But will they? This is looking towards the perspective of the younger generation. The younger population will end up paying more towards health insurance, which will help the elders.

Marxist Criticism and Historical Critisism

Obama Care is beneficial to all people the way I see it but some younger people would argue that Obama Care is ripping them off by taking more money from them than the older generation. Also because for over a decade Presidents have tried making Healthcare bills and they have mostly been unsuccessful so its more improved in todays current society.


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