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Styx come sail away

Welcome To Satan-Wood!

Hello, and welcome to Satan-Wood; your go to destination for endless family fun!

Here at Satan-Wood, we offer tons of awesome attractions throughout our 66-acre park from roller coasters to Ferris Wheels, to fine dining and luxury lodgings. Come, stay with us a while and see what you think!

Come Check Out these Awesome Attractions

Food and Drink



Once you are finished having fun, kick back and relax in one of our many fabulous lodging options.

Special Events

Come join us this month for our fantastic collection of shows, performances, and events!

Beginning March 10, we have spectacular shows and concerts every night for the next week!

Below is a list of all of these events and where they are being held. Get your tickets now, before they're all sold out.

The Simony Choir

Monday, March 10th, 9pm

The Red River Amphitheatre

The Underworld-renowned Simony Choir will be performing under the direction of the legendary Pope Nicholas III.
Carmina Burana ~ O Fortuna | Carl Orff ~ André Rieu

The City of Dis Philharmonic

Tuesday, March 11th, 8:45pm

The Red River Amphitheatre

The Malebolge Jazz Ensemble

Wednesday, March 12th, 9:30pm

The Red River Amphitheatre

The Phantom of the Gods: Presented by the Phlegethon Actors Guild

Thursday, March 13th, 9pm

The Apollyon Theatre

Criss Devil

Friday, March 14th, 6:30pm

The Apollyon Theatre

The Divine Comedy Troupe

Saturday, March 15th, 9pm

The Apollyon Theatre

The Final Concert

Sunday, March 16th, 8:45pm

The Red River Amphitheatre

Come see the final performance in a week of spectacular events! The first performance is the Malebolge Jazz Ensemble, followed by the combined Simony Choir and City of Dis Philharmonic. After the final performance, fireworks will be launched from atop Geryon's Mountain for all to see. Come join us for a spectacular evening!