Roman Reads

Local News Update by Tyler Van Dyke

Hearing A Plebeian's voice

Richard a local Plebeian: "Im so sick and tired of being the lower class citizen! i want my opinion to be heard not ignored! i want the right to make laws, or run for a government figure. We can be just as good as any Patrician!"


We are building the first church IN YOUR AREA and need volunteers. Please do this for your town. Join for a fun, joyful experience. Meet new people and new friends as we build this beautiful church for you and your famliy.


The eastern side of the empire a group of Hans slaughtered 9 Roman citizens. People of the eastern side to to stay aware and stay safe! We have had Hans entering through that side and slaughtering citizens. We are doing our best to fight back but there are many , many invasions around the borders and the Hans are a very dangerous group. Stay safe!

Mary Trumpkin Alex for Senate!!!

- " Let's make rome great again!" Do you want your opinion to be heard? Do you want laws that make can be easily followed? Vote for me!!! Im a Christian candidate who puts God before the Job!