Estes Park 2015

By; Nathan, Aaron & Jackson

Points Of Interest

Points of interest of Estes Park: Trail Ridge Road, Longs Peak, Bear Lake, Prospect Mountain, and Estes Ark.
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Where it is.

Estes park is west of Rocky Mountain National Park and is nestled in a amazing mountain valley about 7,522 feet above sea level.

This Park is the best park in America


There are both activities for outdoor people and city slickers in Estes. You can go boating or shopping maybe even fishing if you like to. You can go see movies or go out to eat.

Park History

It was founded in 1859 by: Joel Estes.

Contact Info

Town hall room 100, 170 Macgregor Ave. , P.O. box 1200 , Estes Park ,CO 80517

phone number 970-577-3588

Estes Park Tour