How Much is Too Much?

By: Chai B, Gabe P, Isabel A, Kadence A

Problem: Farmers have a lot of technology at their fingertips, but they are not adapting to the new ways. Currently farmers are using less efficient tools that effect the environment and their crops.

Who: This program will help farmers deliver a cleaner and healthier product to everyday citizens.

What: The specific actions of the federal government should be to provide the technology and education that the farmers need to change.

Where: This program will take place in the states that have a lot of land and agriculture.

When: Our program will need to be in use for at least 5 - 10 years to see a positive change from this technology.

Why: Our program is necessary for the farmers to be more efficient and profitable and to produce crops without pesticides.

What problem(s) do American's face today?

America is a very well developed country. It has a successful government along with many good people. There are still a few problems that many Americans face today.

One of the most common problems is clean air. There are many ways to make the air cleaner, but people do not do their job to make this happen. One way to start is to get farmers to use new technology. This would help the farmers get the work done quicker and help the air stay cleaner.

How is your new program a solution to that problem?

Our program can help solve these problems by providing the technology and educating the farmers to use it. Once it is implemented, it will prove that it is better than the old ways such as pesticides, fertilizers and less efficient equipment. The program could provide teachers to teach inexperienced farmers how to use the tools and equipment. This might appeal to other farmers and they will slowly begin to adapt. With this program it can provide a cleaner and healthier future.

What specific actions are needed to make your program work?

The program will affect the actions the farmers do if they don't use technology. In the summer they will hire more people to help. Some people/workers can help them adapt to the changes. They could help them get the incentives they need done by giving the teachers extra money and managing them. They could also give the farmers the technology and let them see how it works. The people could persuade the farmers by telling them if they grow enough crops they could get more money. With more money they can buy more equipment to ride and use as their tools. They are also going to go door-to-door telling the farmers how good the technology is.

How this program would affect the lives of everyday citizens in the USA?

This program would affect the lives of everyday citizens because it appeals to everyone, even if you are not a farmer. It applies to farmers because it can provide the technology they need for the “farm of the future”. The problem is the farmers are not accepting the technology so our program can help provide & teach farmers who don't understand or are not willing to use it. I propose that professors from Texas A&M or other farming colleges could be paid by the organization to teach the farmers. Even NASA and other companies have helpful resources that could help the farmers. If farmers keep buying more equipment it is a waste of their money. It helps everyday people because the food the farmers grow would be fresher, cleaner, and healthier. Then most people would live healthier lifestyles and live longer lives.