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1st grade GTi TPSP Passion Project

How can we use our love of reading to boost reading proficiency for other kids?

Entry Document

  • get a highlighter and a pencil
  • get an I-touch and open the "Webster's Dictionary" app

1. Highlight all the unknown words

2. Use the app to speak/type your highlighted words

3. Use your pencil to write in the words you now understand on your entry document

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Generate Knows and Need 2 Knows

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Infographics Mini-Lesson

Evaluating Rubric for Infographics

Technology Workshop

Using the provided research on reading deficiency, and the IPad app, Haiku Deck, we will create an infographic that teaches others about reading deficiency in kids ages 5 through 12th grade.


  • In the U.S., more than 40 percent of children ages 5 to 8 say they are high-frequency readers, but, by ages 9 to 11, that number drops to 29 percent.
  • Considering the average child can learn up to 12,000 vocabulary words per year just by reading, such a drop-off can be costly.
  • By middle school, two-thirds of eighth-graders do not read at grade level.
  • And only one-third of all students entering high school are proficient in reading.
  • What’s more, boys lag behind girls in reading proficiency in all 50 states—in some states by as many as 10 percentage points.
- source

Publishing Your Haiku Deck

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    • categories: education