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Safer at Home - Google Hangouts

Online Scouting

Hello Pack Families-

In order to move forward with our Scouting program for the year, we've come up with the plan to have our meetings via Google Hangouts.

Our Leaders have been assigned ALTERNATIVE email addresses (please do NOT replace this as their primary email!). They will log into these addresses and add their meeting objectives along with any necessary materials needed for the meeting to help prepare the Scouts for the activities. You will all then receive notifications with a direct link to the Hangout.

These emails will come from the following:

LionDenLeader3782@gmail. com

TigerDenLeader3782@gmail. com

WolfDenLeader3782@gmail. com

BearDenLeader3782@gmail. com

WebelosIDenLeader3782@gmail. com

Feel free to add these addressed to your address book to ensure proper delivery.

Simply click on the "Join Video Call" link within the email 5 or so minutes prior to the meeting time, and you will be brought directly to the video chat. You will need to confirm access to the camera is allowed.

NOTE: You MAY need to link your current email address to a gmail account. (Since I already had one, I cannot confirm if this is necessary.) I've included instructions on how to do this below. It shows instructions for Yahoo, but it should be similar to any email address. The invitation will still come to your existing email address.

Scouts are to treat this as a regular meeting, and wear their Class A uniforms.

We ask that they mute their microphone until otherwise instructed to minimize disruptions.

Parent must sit in on the meeting to meet Two Deep Leadership requirements.

Since we are proceeding in this manner, now would be a great time to have your Scout visit (or revisit) their Cyber Chip. Simply visit and select the appropriate grade listed.

I'm excited that we are able to proceed in this manner! All meetings should, in theory, be held at the usual times based on your Den, however the timeframe is still up to the Den Leader.

Please let me know if you have any questions in the meantime.

Otherwise, keep an eye out for an email regarding the next meeting!


Yours in Scouting,

Shaun Tanner

Cubmaster, Pack 3782


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