During Renaissance times, the social hierarchy was based on feudalism. Your social standing was based on how much land you owned. The nobles owned most of the land and lived out as politicians. Merchants were rich due to their hard work in trades such as wool, banking and boat-making. The middle class usually consisted of shopkeepers and other professionals. The last level is split into two; the workers have no skills and depend on their employers. below them were the peasants who would be involved with sharecropping on nobles' land and usually died of starvation.
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The Renaissance Era was known for the rapid spreading of ideas leading to great developments in art, literature, education, and fashion. During this time philosophers began to question the religion established at the time. They questioned life and became intrigued in what they could see and what they could not. Era also saw a great leap in math and astronomy.
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The people of the Renaissance depended greatly on agriculture. The Renaissance Era saw the introduction of new crops and farming methods such as cross plowing. Cross plowing allowed for them to plow the earth in a way the left more soil exposed for seeds, creating more food. Improved irrigation systems allowed the people to farm on land that was too wet or too dry to farm on before. Better ways of farming led to an increase in food production, increasing the population and trade. More trading allowed the spread of ideas to flourish.
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Trade grew between cities and states once agriculture had begun to develop. Increased Trading is what led money to flow into Italy, this can be attributed to its location which allows it to serve as a trade center for Western Europe and the Eastern shore of the Mediterranean. Florence became one of the wealthiest cities in Italy. Florence made it's money mainly through Banking an Industry.
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The renaissance era revolved a around money. Art was a way of showing a social position and an individuals wealth. everyone at the time looked to acquire art to show their success in comparison to others
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