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Mrs. Donnay's 3rd Grade Classroom Newsletter 5-1-16

Mark Your Calendar

May 5- Celebration of Learning

May 7- My Guy and Me Dance

Week of May 16- Art Show, Book Fair

May 17- Kindergarten, 1st & 3rd Grade - Music Concert

May 19 - 2nd & 4th Grade Music Concert

May 20- Field Day & Spirit Wear

Happer Campers are Hard Workers!

We are so proud our class! Each child worked so hard on their MCA reading and math tests. All year we have tried to reinforce a growth mind-set and a can-do attitude! We definitely saw all each student's positive attitude the past few weeks as they prepared to show what they knew on the test. I honestly can't believe that there is about one month of school left! We will continue to learn more, work hard, and wrap up the year ready to move on to fourth grade!
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Peek at the Week


We will be back to normal this week! There will be a reading, grammar, and spelling test on Friday. Our class will also be focusing on non-fiction text features in guided reading groups.

This month, in our efforts to prepare our students for fourth grade, the reading log will look similar to what students will use next year. Each day, students will be required to write something or answer a question based on what they read during their 25 minutes of reading each day. Students will turn this reading log in each Monday. Please sign your child's reading log and encourage them to do their best work. Thanks!


Students are working on a plant and animal book that reviews what they have learned the past few weeks. We will be sharing these books with the kindergartners! This project will take the place of a unit test.


Students will continue to work on their animal research rough drafts this week.


There will be a test on Friday on Unit 5 Lesson 5. Students should be studying their spelling words each day. They can use . Test fixes are due each Monday.


Each month students should bring in an example of the monthly character trait to hang on our class bulletin board. May's trait of the month is SERVICE. Ask your child how they can show courage at school and at home. SERVICE bulletin board items are due on May 6th. Please turn this in ASAP!


What did you learn about plants and animals in science class?

What are you creating to show the kindergarten class?

What are you including in your science "test - book"?

What story are you reading this week in reading class?

What are a few non-fiction text features?

What's going on in MATH?

We appreciate each child's hard work preparing for the MCA test! We are so proud of their effort on the test. This week all three classes will get back to working out of the textbook.

Learn to Type - Dance Mat Typing

Check out this fun typing game. Remind your child to keep their hands on the home row!

Reflex Math

Click on this link to use Reflex Math and practice math facts! Your child has their own login and password. Please email me if you need this information again.

Spelling City

Click on this link to use to practice spelling words. The week's list unit and lesson name is on the top of the spelling sheet in your child's planner.

Lower School General Information Website

Please find any forms, calendars, background check forms, spirit wear days, etc on this webpage.