Oil and Gas Refineries

Houston or New Orleans?

Benefits of locating in New Orleans

  • New Orleans is a port city, which means that it can easily ship goods from one location to another
  • New Orleans also is located on the path of the Mississippi River, and the Mississippi River is a very popular trade route, making trading along the river easier
  • New Orleans has abundant amount of oil, and not too many oil refineries that has been built there

Benefits of locating in Houston

  • Houston has a population of 2.25 million people, so the opportunities of employment are very high
  • Houston has many other oil companies located here, so there are lots of companies that we can trade with
  • Houston's economies thrives on oil, and oil is a very important factor that makes Houston so great
  • Houston has a history with oil refining, dating back all the way to the 1800s, which means that Houston has a better experience, and knowledge of oil
  • Houston also have great ports that helps it transport resource across the country and the whole world
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So which is better?

Between both of these cities, Houston would be a better choice. Although New Orleans has lots of great ports, and uses the Mississippi River as trade route, Houston is a better choice because of its population(6 times that of New Orleans), leading to more employment, the economy of Houston thrives on oil, and more oil companies to trade with.Houston is rapidly growing in population, and New Orleans can't compete with Houston anytime soon. Houston has more companies to trade, leading to increase in money. Overall, I chose Houston because of its growing population, which leads to more jobs, and more companies to trade with.