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Professionalism is a characteristic that is universally positive. Having a professional demeanor can eliminate conflict before there is conflict. When working as a teacher, it is important to remain professional because you are providing a service to your community and if your community is not satisfied with your behavior there is a possibility of losing your license and job.
  • Q Are teachers allowed to socialize with parents outside of school?
  • A Why not? But check with your admin team first.
  • Q What will happen if a student catches me in a bar?
  • A Find out why an underage person is in a bar and then check with your admin team.
  • Q Can I wear leggings to work?
  • A Leggings, leggings, or any revealing, provocative, dirty, or workout gear is inappropriate and very unprofessional, but check with your admin team to see if they allow this type of dress.

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