Carlos Valerio

Sydney, Australia

airfare cost and schedule

I will be heading to Sydney, Australia.

I will be leaving at 7:45pm on Thursday and will be landing at 9:15pm in Los Angeles, CA. I will then take off again at 9:50pm. I then will land in Sydney, Australia on Saturday at 6:10am. For $17791 for each person $35585 in total cost for the flight plus other thing like meals or entertainment $100 more so in total it would be around $35685.


I will be staying at The Langham for $255 for a night at Kayak instead of expedia which was $72 more for the same hotel the hotel was $342 on Expedia. This hotel is great because it has everything I want. When I arrived to the hotel I was surprised by how fancy it was with the red carpets with interesting patterns and even the people who work there seemed to talk perfectly and stand up straight. I take a walk around the hotel. I see dogs with owners, all the dogs so kind and friendly. Marble columns as I walk the floor, I finally get to my room. It's enormous with a king sized bed with natural light illuminating the room. The place is magnificent they have a wondrous pool, the water is sparkling as I cannonball in. The halls are big and glorious as I walk to go to the indoor restaurant chairs line the room as the smell of food hits my nose. I walk further in hearing laughter and conversations. The food is something I'm looking for tomorrow because I can't describe the flavors it had it was awesome is all I have to say. Best choice of hotel ever chosen in Sydney no hesitation next time when I come back this country.,+New+South+Wales,+Australia&adults=2&regionId=178312&star=50&amenities=19,27,7,17,NSW,Australia-c2258/2014-04-24/2014-05-09/2guests


I am going on two activities Shark diving and sky diving

Shark Diving is an opportunity to come in a tank with live sharks. This last around 2 hours and 30 minutes the cost per person from $178. This activity includes 7 adult Grey Nurse sharks, 1 juvenile Grey Nurse shark, 4 different species of stingrays, giant turtles and a vast array of marine life this activity includes equipment and hot showers after meals and underwater photos not included unless you buy it.

Sky diving is my other option which gives my a tremendous rush. This lasts 3 hours and 30 minutes the disbursement for this is $241per person. This activity includes a safety video and a jump from 14000 ft. As you plummet to the floor and you think you will go SPLAT, but suddenly extract the cord the string and enjoy the view when slowly descend to the floor. The wind whooshing right by your.This also comes with a trained sky diver and certificate that shows you jumped. Hotel pickup and drop-off, video, dvd, photo packages, australian parachuting levy, food, and drinks are all not included.

Problems to anticipate and solutions suggested

One major problem i'm worried about is where do I trade money and knowing how much each dollar is worth so I know what's expensive and what's not. If something cost 20 australian dollars I wouldn't know if that means it's expensive or cheap. To solve this problem I would go to google search it up and I found that 1 dollar equals 1.06 australian dollar. I would also download an app that shows me how much american dollars is 20 australian dollars which with what I found its $18.71 which I know if its expensive or not.


In the end, Sydney, Australia was an interesting place to visit. I took a flight which stopped at Los Angeles before actually getting to my destination. I rested be staying the nights at a hotel called The Langham which had everything I wanted and had many good reviews when I looked at it. The place exceeded my standards and was and overall great hotel. My activities were amazing and were the absolute best part of the trip I went Skydiving which was just terrifying and I went Shark Diving which didn't scare me but made me nervous. The Skydiving is something I can now cross off my bucket list which was an amazing rush and gave me a chance to see the city from up high while gently floating downward. Shark Diving on the other hand was a chance to come face to face with wild ocean life. Sharks absolutly were terrifying but after this seeing them up close I wasn't as scared as I thought I would be it was nice chance to see everything. I some problems with money but the app really helped me see what costs what. In conclusion, traveling to Sydney, Australia was an amazing trip that I will always remember the flight, the hotel, the activities, and even the problems in Sydney, Australia will always be good memories.