Wildcat Student and Parent News

Week of March 5

THE BIG 4: Targets for 2017-2018

  • Instructional Technology
  • Personalized Learning
  • Progress Monitoring
  • Making Connections

What are we doing to honor the victims of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting?

March 14

  • We will have a special assembly following 1st period in the gym for all students. A schedule will be sent out to all teachers, parents and students.
  • Students and teachers may wear maroon and gray (MSDHS Colors)
  • Our school was chosen as THE school from SC to create and send a banner to the Florida high school.

Students are allowed to have early dismissals following our regular dismissal procedures. However, the day counts against their attendance. They may make-up the missed work without penalty but the day is considered one of their unexcused absences/ parent note absences.

Important Dates This Week:

3/6- Seat Time Recovery

3/8- Junior Class Ring Delivery

3/8- Seat Time Recovery


Providing a safe and secure learning environment is a priority at our school. We encourage parents to use the link below to watch the video and read the accompanying article regarding security measures designed to continue providing a safe environment for our students.

Later This Month:

3/14- Special Activity in the AM

3/16- Disability Awareness Rally (Morning Activity Schedule)

3/21- Connections Schedule

3/21- Senior Supply Delivery

3/27- Career Fair

3/29- 3rd Quarter Report Cards

Big picture

Cell Phone Rules and Discipline

We have seen an increased number of students breaking the school cell phone policy and accessing their devices during instructional time without permission. As a result, we have asked teachers to closely monitor this issue and submit referrals when necessary. The first violation will result in ISS and future offenses will result in OSS. Please help us protect instructional time by emphasizing the importance of keeping cell phones put away during class.

This was moved due to our special activity on March 14

Woodmont High School


Woodmont International Baccalaureate High School is a comprehensive high school which strives to promote a climate of respect, knowledge, and caring while creating active, productive, lifelong learners who understand the multicultural world in which we live.


"Woodmont High is committed to providing educational experiences that prepare its students to be productive citizens of the 21st Century. Our school motto-Scientia est Potentia (Knowledge is Power)-serves as a constant reminder of our mission to prepare students for the challenges of adulthood."