This Week - Brand Corazon 20% Off and 20% Off Coupon

Never Been Done Before!!!

If you love Brand Corazon, like I love Brand Corazon, you are going to be seriously very happy!! This week I am offering 20% off the whole Brand Corazon collection to make room for Spring/Summer. This is an excellent opportunity to purchase a fabulous and unique piece of jewelry as a holiday gift or it's time to snatch up the pieces you've been eyeing to add to your collection. Maybe a new little something for your New Year's Eve outfit?

First come, first serve! 12/19-12/24



20% OFF One Item

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*Not to be combined with any other offers*

*Not to be used on Special Orders*

12/19 ~ 12/24

Dude's Day is EVERYDAY this week!!

There is still plenty of time for us to hook you up with what you've been dying for! Is it a VASH bag? Is it a piece of Lisa George jewelry? Is it the fur vest? Is it the Chaser tee?

Swing by the store or give us a call to let us know what you've been eyeing, get your Dude to Maxine H&A and then we'll take it from there. Super easy!!

Any day or time this week that your significant other comes in to purchase your "wish list", they will be greatly rewarded with 20% off.