Saber Toothed Tigers

By: Skylar Champlain

Basic Information

Saber Toothed tigers are Apex predators. The scientific name for them is "Smilodon", the nickname "Saber-tooth" is referring to the length of their canines. They've been extinct since 10,000 B.C. and are the largest species of tiger. They are carnivores, and they live in grasslands. They're actually not closely related to tigers, but are to cheetahs, lions, jaguars, and cougars. Their fossils have been found in Greenland, Iceland, North America, and South America.


A Saber Toothed tigers teeth grow to at least 1 foot long. They are very fragile. Their jaws can open to 120 degrees. They kill their prey by biting into their necks.


They hunt large animals such as: Bison, Camels, Ground Sloths, Horses, Mastodons, and Mammoths. They use stealth and ambush rather than speed to catch their prey, and hunt in packs. More than 2,000 of their skeletons have been found in Pleistocene tar pits(in California).

How they became Extinct

Saber Toothed tigers became extinct in 10,000 B.C. They were around during the Ice Age, but when they went extinct so did 10 other species.

It's possible that humans hunted them to extinction, or it could be climate change or even its prey became scarce or extinct, and tigers wouldn't be able to adapt to smaller animals therefore leading to extinction.

De - Extinction

De - Extinction, also known as "Resurrection". In order to resurrect an animal, scientist would have to have some of that animals DNA, which would be hard because this animal went extinct in 10,000 b.c. After they get DNA scientist would have to find a "Host" for the Saber Toothed, possibly a Siberian Tiger or a Lion. This process is related to "cloning" but the difference is that this process is reconstructing an animal instead of duplicating it. I agree with this but, then I don't. I agree with it because I think it would be a cool experience to re-make an extinct animal and to see how it acts and to see how it looks in real life. I disagree with it because having this animal could be very harmful for our environment and could possibly make other species go extinct. They could start hunting us too. In order for many species to live, one must die.