Harmful Toxic Chemicals

(And ways to eliminate them) By- lampus6@freeport.com

My Thoughts on Toxic Chemicals

Toxic chemicals are everywhere in our school. From the walls of the school all the way to the janitor's closet. Many many, many, people die every year from chemicals- about 350,000 people-dead. But we can help stop and eliminate the use of deadly, toxic chemicals. I will give ideas and ways to help the Earth. Here we go!


If the outbreak of toxic chemicals- it would be bad; to sum it up in one year.If a rat problem would grow, the janitors would use harmful pesticides. The bad thing is, 2 billion pounds are produced each year. That's about 8 pounds of it for every man, woman, and child in the U.S. They are harmful and potentially dangerous to the environment.

Lead Paint

Lead Paint is very deadly Lead paint is especially hazardous to children under age six, whose developing bodies are susceptible to lead poisoning. It causes nervous system damage, stunted growth, kidney damage, and delayed development. It can be sweet to taste, which makes lead paint chips a target to them. Some older parts of the school, outside walls could have it.

Possible Solutions

Although it could be a difficult challenge, there are ways to improve the school and the environment, During the summer, projects could be planned to give repairs to the school. They can replace areas that could have lead paint, and repaint. Also, they can safely get rid of pesticides unless they absolutely need them. And finally, cleaning supplies could be replaced with non-toxic products. It could be pricey, but worth it. So, let's start Making Buffalo "Green"!