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Anyone know any jokes about Sodium? Na!

Dear DMS Parents and Students,

We have wrapped up our April units and continue to zip along towards the end of the school year. It has been an absolute pleasure working with all DMS and IDEAL students and their families throughout the year and I look forward to many exciting adventures in the future at DMS!

Since this is my very last newsletter of the school year, I want to wish the very best to all families and hope that you enjoy your summer vacation.

Remember! Science is everywhere - dare to explore it during your time off and you might be surprised at what you find!


Ms. Clark

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Science Wishlist 2015-2016 School Year

DMS Science is always looking to create amazing new experiences for students!

Please consider one of the following items if you would like to donate to the science classroom!

Microscope Lens Tip Sets - $49.00 (Need 6)

Mineral Study Kits - $21.95 (Need 5)

Small Clear Plastic Bins with Lids (varying sizes/small enough sit on shelves)