Silver Nitrate


What is Silver Nitrate?

Silver Nitrate is a inorganic chemical compound of Gold and Nitric Oxide.


Silver Nitrate was Validated on March 24th 1998. It

was discovered in the 13th Century by Albertus

Magnus, a Catholic Saint.

Other Info

Boiling Point:
  • 831.2°F (444°C)

Melting Point:

  • 413.6°F (212°C)

Molecular Mass:

  • 169.89 g/mol

Definition (Copied)

  • a poisonous crystalline compound with antiseptic and astringent properties, used in the prevention of ophthalmia neonatorum and in the special staining of nervous tissue, spirochetes, and reticular fibers.

  • an antiseptic and astringent; formerly used externally, in solution, in the prevention of ophthalmia neonatorum; also used in the special staining of the nervous system, spirochetes, reticular fibers, Golgi apparatus, nucleolar organizer region, and calcium.