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Dayanara Dimas 5AB

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Elements of Composition

SAT Alphabet (NOVICE)

Law and Ethics

  1. Be accurate and comprehensive in the representation of subjects.
  2. Treat all subjects with respect and dignity. Give special consideration to vulnerable subjects and compassion to victims of crime of tragedy. Intrude on private moments of grief only when the public has an overriding and justifiable need to see.
  3. Be complete and prove context when photographing or recording subjects. Avoid stereotyping individuals and groups. Recognize and work to avoid presenting one's own biases in the work.

Camera Operations

  • Power On/Off: The slider which has the label "On/Off" on top of the camera lets you turn off and on the camera.
  • Macro/Super Macro: Where the screen is on the camera, to the right of it is a circular pad. On the left of that pad is a symbol that looks like a flower. Pushing that lets you turn on macro and super macro.
  • Battery Replacement: On the bottom of the camera has a slider which has the label "open". Once you slide it open, you can replace batteries anytime.
  • SD Card Insertion: Do the steps from the "Battery Replacement" and instead of the batteries, towards the top is a little slot which is meant for the SD Card. It also shows you the direction to put the card in.
  • Zoom In/Out: On top of the camera in front of the On/Off slider is the Zoom In/Out which you push to the right or to the left.

Photo Journalist Feature: Pablo Bartholomew

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  • Born: December 18th, 1955
  • Born in New Delhi, was self taught by his father and won an award when he was 20. (The World Press Photo in 1975)
  • He (at first) did not work for anyone but himself. He later then worked as a stills photographer in the films studios of Mumbai and Calcutta in the late 70s and early 80s. He then joined Gamma Liaison for 20 years.

History of Photography

Written Reflection

I learned the elements of composition in photojournalism and different techniques on how to take better pictures. My favorite project was the photoshop test. Recreating photos is really fun and interesting. My least favorite project was the humans of Fossil Ridge, mainly because i have social issues and don't like going out. I feel like photography isn't just taking a picture of a subject at a different angle, it's more. Like the saying "a picture can tell a thousand stories" or something. Each picture has a different emotion and different story and that's what makes photography beautiful.