Is Beauty Really Only Skin Deep?

Debbie Brosnan's April newsletter

Recently, in an episode of "Undercover Boss", Jessica Herrin, CEO of Stella and Dot, announced the expansion into the skin care marketplace. I am excited to share BREAKING NEWS with you: The Stella & Dot Family of Brands will now bring you "Conscious Beauty" with the launch of EVER Skincare.

When I learned Jessica was working with the best-of-the-best in the skincare industry, Christin Powell (skin cancer survivor and co-founder of the organic skincare line, Juice Beauty), I was immediately interested in their collaboration. When I had to opportunity to be among the first to bring EVER Skincare products to the marketplace, I did not hesitate. I am excited to share this amazing new botanically derived, clinical grade and consciously formulated product line with you.

EVER Clinical Study Results speak for themselves:

91% noticed a difference in just 1 week

74% felt a difference after the first use

100% reported an improvement in the overall appearance of skin texture

98% reported their skin feels more hydrated and saw an improvement in skin's

overall appearance

93% reported their skin feels more moisturized

91% reported their skin feels firmer

88% reported their skin appears more radiant and has a healthier glow.

86% reported an improvement in resilience and the feel of elasticity in their skin.

I'd love for you to experience the same results as I am. Message me for more details on EVER or to place your order today! I am booking one on one appointments if you would like to see it in person.

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Debbie Brosnan, Stella & Dot Star Stylist and EVER Founding Specialist